I know when you look in the mirror and see that corner looking a little light it puts a pit in your stomach… same thing for me!

Here what… I’ll take 2 mins to tell you all the facts you need to know, after you finish here you should know everything there is to know about hair loss and what to do about it.

Three simple points to note


Hair loss can be genetic (you got it from your parents or someone in your family) which makes it hard to overcome by yourself. Think of it like your hair follicles just operating on auto pilot doing exactly what your mother or father or great grand father hair line doing. Not even thinking about it. Just literally operating by rote.


It can be a result of stress and poor hair care. If you figure leaving your hair unkept, dry, unmoisturized and most of all lacking the things needed to maintain good scalp health is gonna encourage hair growth then something is wrong. Just like body builders needed to inhale what looks like 25 chicken breasts in one sitting every day to keep their physique, you need to supply your hair with moisture, low stress levels and good nutrition


Hair loss can be prevented if caught early enough in many people. Like many issues hair loss doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over time (days, weeks, months, years). That’s good news! That means if you recognise it early enough and you take the steps necessary to save your hair and especially your hair line for guys you don’t need to go into your prime years worried about hair lines and being self conscious.

What is the solution then ???

Be mindful… treat your hair kindly
Be vigilant… don’t let too much time pass before anything can be done
Be patient… if your hair loss took 7 years to reach where it is now… it will take time to get better

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